Faux Painting

Great Lakes 1-800 PAINTING is a full-service painting contractor based in Genesee County, Michigan. We specialize in interior and exterior faux painting and finishing projects. From texturing the interior walls in your home to completely faux finishing a retail store or other commercial operation we can complete faux painting projects of all sizes.

Faux finishing sometimes referred to as decorative painting is a type of painting style that can make the surface material being painted appear as something else… Drywall for example could be finished to look just like real wood or even marble. Faux finishing can also add texture and other aesthetics to the walls in your home or building. When done correctly faux painting adds a level of class and decorative elegance that is just not possible with flat, textureless walls.

Faux Painting Services in Genesee County, MI

Faux Painting and Finishing

Wall and Ceiling Texturing

Marbleizing Wooden Columns

Color Washing

If you are considering some faux painting in your home or building then give Great Lakes Contracting a call today and we can come out and provide an estimate for your project.

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