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When it comes to safeguarding the infrastructures that matter most - our schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings - the last thing you want is to be caught off guard by unforeseen expenses and damage from a failing roof.

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Roof replacements can be incredibly costly, both in terms of time and money. With a Roof Management Plan from Great Lakes 1-800-PAINTING, we provide you with an impeccable, leak-free roof that stands the test of time, lasting over 20 years. Instead of burning a hole in your pocket with a full replacement, our goal is to conserve what you have and make it better. Why replace when you can restore?

Eliminate the risk of water damage

Extend the life of your roof

Reliable budget forecasting

Up to 50% cost savings

Replacing your roof can quickly deplete your budget. By Restoring, you can expect substantial savings.

20+ year lifetime

Extend the life of your roof
with our Restoration &
Management plans.

Save up to 40% on utilities

Our fluid-applied systems lower internal building temps by an average of 10 degrees, lowering your utility costs.

Protecting your roof is easy!

Schedule a Free Risk Assessment

We’ll inspect your roof and identify compromised areas

Receive a Roof Management Plan

We’ll provide watertight solutions to restore your roof’s integrity

Be at Ease Knowing Your Roof is Watertight

With cost saving measures in place for budget forecasting

Hear What Our Raving Fans Have To Say...

"Highly Recommended!! Great work ethic, Very Timely, Nothing but good things to say about Great Lakes 1-800 Painting!!!!"

Brandon P.

Discover the Benefits of Flat Roofing for Commercial Properties:

Cost-Effective Installation: Flat roofs aren’t just modern and sleek; they’re also easier and quicker to install, which means you save on initial costs.

Economical Maintenance & Repair: Bid farewell to sky-high maintenance costs. With flat roofing, the general upkeep and repairs are more affordable.

Maximized Utility: No wasted space. Make the most of top-floor spaces, ensuring every inch is utilized to its fullest potential.

Accessibility is Key: No more hazardous and hard-to-reach spots. Flat roofs allow for easier and safer access, making maintenance and restoration a breeze.

Built to Withstand: Superior wind resistance ensures that storm damages are minimized. A robust roof is a long-lasting roof.

Eco-Friendly Adaptations: Thinking of going green? Flat roofs are easily adaptable for green innovations such as solar panels.

Energy Efficient: Less unused space means less area to heat or cool, which in turn leads to a decrease in energy bills.

Expansion Made Simple: Planning to grow? Flat roofing makes building expansions significantly more cost-effective and straightforward.

The Future of Roofing is Here

At Great Lakes 1-800-PAINTING, we don't just offer a service. We offer a promise - a promise to protect, to save, and to innovate. Let's embark on this journey together and give your establishment the roof it deserves.

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