Exterior Wood Staining

Wood siding on homes, even timber framing and log construction are all very popular methods of construction here in Genesee County, Michigan and the only drawback to them is that they are natural materials and must be painted or stained to protect and preserve their integrity and enhance their appearance.

Staining also brings out a level of elegance and class that is really very popular as evident by the many homes and businesses throughout our area that use natural wood accents in their decor. The natural color of the wood is enhanced by the staining process and the wood itself is protected from our Michigan weather for many years.

Do you have an Exterior Staining project around your home or business? Maybe you’ve got a cedar sided home you need painted, or a log home you’d like to have stained. Maybe it’s the front door to your home or the entire structure of a timber framed house. It doesn’t matter how large or small your staining project Great Lakes 1-800 PAINTING can help you.

With Great Lakes 1-800 PAINTING you aren’t just limited to traditional colors and techniques either. Our painters are highly skilled and can apply different finishing techniques that really enhance the appearance of your exterior staining project.

Exterior Wood Staining Projects We Can Complete

Staining Exterior Wood Trim

Staining Wood Siding

Staining Post and Beam Structures

Staining Timber Frame Structures

Staining or Painting Log Homes

Staining Garage Doors

Staining Front Doors

Staining Fences

Staining Decks and Railings

All Exterior Staining Projects Include:

On-site visit (or several) to go over your project.

Stain/Varnish consultations until you’re happy with the choices.

Meticulous site preparation and protection of areas not to be stained.

Application of any base coats or primers. (if needed)

Application of top coats and trim or accents.

Job walkthrough with you.

Final details and finishing work.

We aren’t just cutting edge with our equipment and techniques, our experienced painters are also well versed in many of the old world ways of staining and finishing wooden decor and structures.

If you’ve got an Exterior Staining or Varnishing project on your home such as some exterior trim, a set of wood garage doors, a fence a deck or what have you, give Great Lakes 1-800 PAINTING a call and we’ll come out and give a competitive estimate along with some friendly and helpful advice on your exterior staining project.

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