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Are you looking to have beautiful artwork drawn and painted on the inside or outside of your building?

Murals and large scale artistic painting projects require a lot of planning and the expertise of an experience artist capable of these very large and detailed works of art.

Murals and Large Scale Building Artwork

  • Sports Team Logos and Colors
  • Murals on Buildings
  • Murals on Public Buildings
  • Mural Design and Painting
Mural Painting Services in Genesee County MI

Great Lakes 1-800 PAINTING is a full service painting contractor based out of Genesee County, Michigan.  One of the specialized services we offer is the planning and painting of murals on the insides and outsides of commercial or public buildings.  With an experienced (and very talented) mural artist on staff we can add some artistic beauty to your decorating scheme.

Painting a mural is a large scale, very specialized project that in some cases can take an artist many days, even weeks (weather permitting) to completely finish a custom mural.  One thing is certain though… If you need a custom mural on the side of your building when you hire Great Lakes 1-800 PAINTING you’re going to be really impressed with the results!