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Drywall Finishing

Drywall Hanging and Finishing Contractor in Genesee County MichiganThe drywall in your interior plays an important role in how your final painting and decorating will turn out.  In fact preping the surface to be painted is probably the most important part of any painting project and the most common place where even the pros will often fall short.

It only makes sense that your chosen professional painters know and understand how to finish drywall so the final coat of paint will appear totally seamless.

If someone has put the care and attention into properly finishing your drywall, you’ll be very impressed with the finished product.  It will appear natural, as if the wall was always that color and just came straight out of the paint booth.  Poorly finished drywall will be obvious and will have dents, sanding scratches, obvious seams and nail holes and other blemishes that will detract from the finished product.

Great Lakes Contracting is a full service drywall contractor serving the Genesee County, MI area.  We can complete a variety of drywall projects from hanging and finishing the drywall in your newly remodeled basement to finishing the drywall in a new construction home or completing all the drywall for a large scale residential or commercial construction project.

From spackling and sanding all of the dings and nail holes to finishing off all of the seams to sanding more and applying the first of several coats of primer and paint.  From start to finish we can take care of your drywall finishing needs for both residential and commercial projects.

Drywall Finishing Services We Offer:

  • Nail Hole/ Ding Spackling
  • Nail Pop Repair & Reinforcing
  • Light Sanding Walls
  • Heavy Sanding Texture
  • Caulking Woodwork & Drywall Seams
  • Drywall Skim Coating
  • Drywall Re-Taping
  • Sealing Drywall

You can have those show home smooth walls you’re after and probably much sooner than you’re thinking too.  If you’d like to have Great Lakes Contracting come and solve your drywall problems once and for all then give us a call today or fill out one of our online forms and someone will get back with you right away.